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Impact Consulting

From modernization, design, and automation to protect your ideas and products. We help you move your business forward.

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Whether you are a startup, an established small business, or an enterprise company, moving your business forward is a top priority. In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, this means modernizing existing applications, creating new platforms, and safeguarding your intellectual property to ensure your innovations are protected now and in the future.

At Ozark Impact Group, we are your trusted partner in this journey. With over 20 years of experience in building cutting-edge software and a solid track record of 5 years in technology patents, we bring unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Our consulting services are designed to:

  • Modernize Your Technology: Revamp your existing applications to enhance performance, scalability, and user experience.


  • Innovate and Design New Platforms: Create robust, scalable, and user-friendly platforms tailored to your business needs.


  • Automate Processes: Implement automation to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.


  • Protect Your Intellectual Property: Secure your innovations with comprehensive patent protection strategies, ensuring your ideas and products are safeguarded from inception to market.

Choosing Ozark Impact Group means choosing a partner dedicated to turning your vision into reality. We understand the challenges you face and are here to provide the solutions you need to thrive. Reach out to us with your problem or initiative, and together, we will transform it into a success story.

Join us on this journey of innovation and growth. Let’s make your impact together.

Let’s make your impact together.


You have a groundbreaking idea, and whether you have funding or not, you need a reliable partner to help bring it to life. At Ozark Impact Group, we specialize in empowering startups to turn their visions into reality. We assist you in finding the right talent, navigating critical processes like applying to Y Combinator, and connecting you with potential investors. Our expertise extends to providing technology guidance, selecting the optimal tools, and designing robust architectures to ensure your startup’s success from the ground up.

Small Businesses

As a small business, making a lasting impression in your local community and target market is crucial. We can help you enhance your presence with a professional website, distinctive logo, and essential business supplies. At Ozark Impact Group, we support your growth by advancing your technology and providing strategic direction. Our coaching services empower you to make informed decisions, lead with impact, and drive your business forward with confidence.


Protecting your revenue and unlocking new revenue streams are paramount for your enterprise. Ozark Impact Group is here to assist you in modernizing your operations, automating processes, and creating innovative revenue opportunities. From architectural advice and software engineering to safeguarding your intellectual property, our comprehensive consulting services are designed to support your enterprise’s growth and ensure sustained success in a competitive landscape.

protect yourself

IP Protection via Patents is important, and you do not want to Neglect it.


  • Secures Exclusive Rights: Patents grant you the exclusive right to use, produce, and sell your invention, preventing others from profiting off your innovation without your consent. Without this protection, competitors can easily replicate and capitalize on your hard work, eroding your market share and diminishing your competitive edge.
  • Increases Market Value: A strong patent portfolio can significantly enhance the valuation of your business. It can attract investors, potential buyers, and strategic partners, providing you with financial leverage. Without patents, your company may appear less attractive to stakeholders, limiting opportunities for growth and investment.
  • Encourages Innovation: Patents incentivize innovation by providing inventors with a temporary monopoly on their creations, encouraging further research and development. Neglecting to secure patents can stifle innovation within your organization as there is less assurance that investments in R&D will be protected from imitation.
  • Protects Against Infringement: Patents allow you to legally defend your intellectual property against unauthorized use. Without patents, you have limited recourse against competitors who may copy or reverse-engineer your products, leading to potential revenue loss and damage to your brand reputation.
  • Establishes Market Leadership: Holding patents can position your company as a leader in your industry, showcasing your commitment to advancing technology and innovation. Failing to protect your IP can result in losing this status, as competitors may leverage your unprotected innovations to overtake you in the market.Exclusive access to a dedicated phone line for swift brainstorming or Q&A, ensuring reasonable response times.
  • Missed Revenue Opportunities: Not patenting your innovations means leaving substantial money on the table. Patents can be licensed to other companies, creating a valuable revenue stream. Without patents, you forfeit the ability to monetize your intellectual property through licensing agreements, partnerships, or royalties, significantly limiting your potential income.