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Impact Over Noise™️

A methodology and framework for finding your leadership impact.

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By engaging with just this page and adopting even a single habit inspired by it, we can significantly amplify our impact and elevate our success, embodying the essence of ‘Impact Over Noise™️’—where meaningful action transcends the clutter of everyday challenges.

the book

eFrom the Author: Shannon Duncan

A while ago, I started organizing my ideas about what I have learned, observed, and experienced through Leadership Challenges and Crucibles. Initially, I referred to this as “Quiet Leadership,” but upon further research, I discovered that the term was already taken and not quite in line with my intended direction.

Where am I headed? I have organized my ideas and created a Leadership Development Framework, which I am referring to as an Impact Development Framework. Its name is straightforward, yet it embodies the legacy of past leaders, diligent workers, influential individuals, and game changers.

Its name is simply: Impact Over Noise™️

Which is built on top of: The ION Framework™️

In a world full of scarcity, everything seems to be in short supply, be it resources, budget, time, relationships, or other things. The only thing that isn’t scarce is problems. Every day, for every leader, for every individual, there is a lot of noise to sift through. 

How do we know that we are not adding to the noise and creating more problems instead of bringing impact?

Leaders who bring Impact Over Noise™️:

  • They don’t bring problems, they bring solutions.
  • They don’t drive toward self-success, they drive toward team success.
  • They don’t spend time spinning on the Noise, they escape it, and find the real challenge to deliver impact.
  • They work with the assets that are available, only asking for more when it is absolutely necessary and brings the most value.

These leaders’ teams deliver better, focused on value-driven tasks, reducing waste of time and resources. Their peers have a shared vision that strengthens unity and motivation.

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How can we find the Impact Over Noise™️?

we see that everyone is a Leader

Regardless of your title or if anyone reports to you, you can be a leader. We need to realize that anyone can be a leader and be a mentor, visionary, and have a positive impact on ourselves and those around us. This can have a profound impact on the outcome and success of the team. To shift into this mindset, all you need to do is start working towards the team’s success instead of personal success.

we understand the Drama Triangle

The drama triangle is one of the biggest causes of noise outside our ego and operating towards personal success. Understanding the dichotomy of our ego states such as “Victim,” “Persecutor,” and “Rescuer.” Where we learn Rescuer is actually one of the worst ego states to be in. But then truly understanding how to escape the Drama Triangle.

we are unoffendable, with abundant forgivness.

Just imagine this superpower. If we are offendable, we give others the power to direct our lives. But if we operate with an abundance of forgiveness, what mountains can we move?

we know the crucibles of Leadership

What makes some people curl up and break down, and some people thrive? What are “crucibles” of leadership, and how do we make it through them unscathed?

we take ownership

Pure and simple. Take ownership. Take ownership of your mistakes. Take ownership of not being the best voice in the room. Take ownership of the outcomes of your team. Take ownership of the impact you have on yourself and others. Ownership builds Trust.

we use the ION Framework

As discussed below, the ION framework helps us be objective and find the most valuable things we should work on. Using emotional detachment is a technique similar to compassionate detachment that doctors use. We prioritize what is crucial and value-adding, put a plan together, and execute it, knowing that plans never go as planned. Throughout the process, we maintain the right level of communication, both up and down and across the team, bringing others along and collaboratively working towards success.

we value simplicity over complexity

None of this works if we create strategies and communications so complex no one can follow or buy in on. If no one can understand the why simply, then the strategy is doomed to fail.

we implement by changing one habit at a time

By harnessing the principles of behavioral coaching and habit formation, we can methodically cultivate new, impactful habits—one at a time. Our focused approach centers on solidifying one key habit before moving on to the next, ensuring a strong foundation for each. While the overarching goal might be to transform a broader behavioral pattern, the power of changing just one habit can create a ripple effect, influencing the larger pattern in a meaningful way. This targeted habit transformation aligns with our philosophy of creating significant impact by simplifying our approach to personal and professional growth.

the framework (forsaw)

focus and emotionally detach

Get FED up in a good way; the only way to gain clarity is to be emotionally detached from the situation. Step back and view the situation objectively, without personal biases or emotional reactions clouding judgment, creating a clear, unobstructed view of the problem or situation at hand.

organize and absorb

The emphasis here is gathering and organizing relevant information. This means absorbing the current state of affairs, understanding the dynamics at play, and recognizing the resources and constraints. 

rank / rationalize

What are this situation’s most valuable and least valuable elements? Prioritize elements based on their logical importance and potential impact. Focusing on the most valuable aspects with the highest return on investment or highest impact and setting aside the less critical issues.


Developing a straightforward and executable strategy is crucial. This involves creating a plan that is simple enough to be understood and executed but robust enough to achieve the desired outcomes. Avoid overcomplication to minimize confusion and increase the chances of success. We do this in a neutral ego state.


This step is about putting the plan into action and executing it effectively. It involves a dynamic approach where the plan is continuously reviewed and adjusted based on new information or changing circumstances.  Execution should be flawless, with a readiness to cycle back to step one as needed.

weave communications

Effective communication is integral to the success of any plan. This step involves maintaining clear, consistent, and purposeful communication across all levels. This includes providing situation reports to leaders, ensuring direct reports are clear about their roles and responsibilities, and collaborating with peers and stakeholders for a cohesive approach.

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