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Leaving a Positive Mark

Helping Leaders, Organizations, and Coaches be more effective.

every mark matters

Every action, or ‘mark’, made by leaders and organizations is significant. At Ozark Impact Group, we believe in the power of every mark. It’s more than just a belief; it’s our guiding principle. Our mission is clear and compelling: “Helping Organizations, Leaders, and Coaches be more effective.” We achieve this by helping them identify challenges and guiding our clients through complex transitions, ensuring every step they take is impactful and meaningful.

Our Journey and Goals

Founded in 2023, Ozark Impact Group embarked on a journey with two distinct objectives:

  1. Publishing transformative living books and frameworks that resonate with the dynamic needs of today’s leaders.
  2. Creating Impact Development Programs that are not just informative but also transformative.

Our Flagship Initiative

The first milestone we are working on is the publication of “Impact Over Noise™️.” This groundbreaking book introduces the ION Framework™️, designed to assist organizations, leaders, and coaches in finding their true impact. To extend the learning experience from our book, we introduced the Ozark Impact Academy. This program offers leaders an immersive experience in leadership development and early access to the the ION Framework™️, supported by exceptional coaching.

Bespoke Coaching with Catalyst

We recognize that one size does not fit all. Some require a more personalized, deeper engagement. This is where our Catalyst Coaching program comes into play. It is an exclusive, one-on-one coaching initiative focused on achieving specific goals over a period of 6 months to a year. This program is conducted by one of our seasoned Partners at OIG. We maintain a high level of quality and focus for our Catalyst clients by limiting the number of participants to a maximum of four at any given time.

Our Commitment

At Ozark Impact Group, we are committed to making a difference – one leader, one organization, one coach at a time. Join us on this journey of growth and impact.


what is a living book?

A living book is a book that changes over time as culture changes and new challenges are identified that should be covered by it. Like software, they have versions that denote major or minor changes. v1.0 is an original, v1.1 contains minor changes, v2.0 contains major changes.

Updated copies can be downloaded at any time.

We’re dedicated not only to our clients but also to empowering the underserved. Our ‘Overserve For The Underserved’ initiative reflects this commitment. In collaboration with expert coaches, we offer complimentary, personalized one-to-one coaching sessions, specifically designed to jumpstart the careers of those in need. Additionally, we pledge 10% of all proceeds to support local Arkansas non-profits that are tirelessly working to uplift underserved communities. This is our way of giving back and fostering positive change beyond the immediate scope of our business.

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our founder

Shannon Duncan

Managing Partner

Shannon Duncan is an engineering leader with over 10 years of experience working at large companies like LiveRamp and the largest credit union in Arkansas (AFCU). With a passion for coach-like leadership, he founded Ozark Impact Group and the ION Framework™️.